What is Salesforce ?

Salesforce is customer success platform, designed to help sell, service, market, analyze, and connect with customers.

Salesforce has everything you need to run your business from anywhere. Using standard products and features, you can manage relationships with prospects and customers, collaborate and engage with employees and partners, and store your data securely in the cloud.

But standard products and features are only the beginning. Our platform allows you to customize and personalize the experience for your customers, partners, and employees and easily extend beyond out-of-the-box functionality.

Salesforce Products:

Salesforce Products

Sales Cloud –

Sales Cloud helps you grow your business faster by better connecting your sales reps with their prospects and customers, so they can close deals faster from anywhere, at anytime. According to customers, Salesforce is one of the best CRM software tools available today.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud helps you deliver personalized customer journeys powered by the intelligent marketing platform for email, mobile, social, digital advertising, and DMP. According to their customers, Salesforce is one of the best marketing automation software available today.

  1. Pardot is a B2B marketing automation tool (formerly Pardot) that helps you accelerate sales pipeline and drive sales through lead scoring, nurturing and email marketing.
  2. ExactTarget is a B2C email marketing tool (formerly ExactTarget) that allows targeted email marketing for Fortune 500 and Small Businesses that want to do integrated cross-channel marketing campaigns at scale.

Service Cloud-

Service Cloud is a social customer service application that empowers companies to manage all of their customer information, interactions and service needs in one central place.

Platform Cloud

Platform Cloud helps you streamline, automate, and mobilize any and all of your processes across your business.

  1. Heroku is an open language cloud application platform and supports Ruby, Java, Python, Clojure, Scala, Node.js. and custom language buildpacks.
  2. Force.com eliminates the expense and complexity of evaluating, buying, configuring, and managing all the hardware and software needed for custom-built applications.
  3. Lightning is built on the Salesforce Cloud, and enables anyone to quickly and easily create modern enterprise apps.
  4. Quip Collaboration is where you create, document, discuss, and organize the stuff that your team works on.

Commerce Cloud-

Commerce Cloud is an on-demand ecommerce platform (formerly Demandware) that helps you engage shoppers across all digital channels with personalized, innovative, and AI-powered commerce solutions for marketing, merchandising, promotions, fulfillment, and more.

Analytics Cloud-

Analytics Cloud is business intelligence software (also called Einstein) for the everyday business user. Unlock the power of your Salesforce data with Wave Analytics.

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